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Quit the Annoying Group Chats and Plan That Girls’ Night Out With This App Instead

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Picture this: it’s noon on a Monday and you’re already thinking to yourself, “this has been the longest week of my life.” You desperately need a girls’ night, so you send out an SOS in the groupchat begging for someone—anyone—to get together with you this weekend. Soon enough, everyone’s on board. Your phone inexhaustibly buzzes with dozens of messages, yet nobody’s schedules seem to line up. Eventually, everyone gets frustrated and plans are never made.

Not too hard to picture yourself in this situation, huh? If you’ve ever been part of a group chat, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s an app for that! The solution? Doodle. Doodle is a free app that makes planning get-togethers easier than finishing that bottle of wine with your besties.

The app works on a basic calendar system. After one member of the group has gone in and selected a range of dates they are available. The remaining members of the group don’t even need to create a login, they will simply receive a text or email with a link. If they click on the link, the rest of your girl gang will be prompted to indicate when during these dates they’re available and then Doodle does the rest! The app will compare everyone's schedules and let the group know on what dates everyone is free.

Another useful feature of Doodle is the ability to create and send out polls. I’ve personally never used this feature, but I imagine it would be useful for groups who have trouble with the what of getting together rather than the when. Do we go to dinner? Host a clothing swap? Cooking class? Lament over the loss of toddler naptime? No more! Simply create a poll with all possible activities and have the whole gang vote. No one can argue with a majority.

I promise you, this app will change the way you plan group events for the better. Spend less time being a human calender and more time with the people you love. Have you ever tried Doodle? Do you plan on trying it? Let me know!

Click here for access to my free PDF listing more of my favorite apps.

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