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It’s time to get that clutter under control, embrace minimalism, and curate a peaceful and joy-filled home. Now you can learn how to make your life Ever So Organized™ at your own pace. Choose from a signature course, mini course or bundle.

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Interested in becoming a professional organizer? Maybe you want to take your business to the next level and don't want to reinvent the wheel. I'm happy to speak with you about how I have grown (and am growing) my business. Let's talk!

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Consultation: 30 minute free virtual consultation or 30 minute in home consultation for $100. $50 will go towards a booked session.

In-home organization: Hands-on decluttering, redesigning and organization of the spaces in your home that cause you the most stress. There is no charge for hauling away the first car load of donation items, however, large furniture items are not included in this complimentary service. A 10 minute break period is taken per 2 hours of work.

Selling household items/clothing/accessories: A 25%-50% fee (depending on if we work with a broker) will be deducted from the sale of your items.

Relocation Services: Ever So Organized™ will help clients declutter before packing. We also offer unpacking services. Imagine coming home from a day of work and your spaces are completely unpacked and intuitively organized!

Maintenance: Ever So Organized™ will tidy your spaces after in-home organization has taken place. Make sure everything is in its place, add product, refold items, update labels if needed, and straighten everything up.

Payment: Ever So Organized™ accepts bank transfer through our Quickbooks invoice. We also accept credit cards with a 3% fee. 

Business Hours: M T W Th F Sa Su 9:00-3:30