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Tired of the piles of paper throughout your home? Important items falling through the cracks? I discuss how to get paperwork under control. 

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This walk-in closet makeover was so fun. Kim owns a local boutique and tea shop, Morning Lavender. Check out her blog to see the amazing before and afters!

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Ever So Organized is ran by Amanda Clark and shows her followers how to organize messy and untidy spaces for the family household. Kids are amazing but they sure are messy, which is why Ever So Organized shows how to sort out playrooms, pantries, bookshelves, and beyond.

The image above shows how simple it is to sort out that dreaded plastic bag drawer. Instead of keeping all those boxes, you can sort each bag in its own area sorted by size.

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5 Tips for Saving Kids' Artwork and Keepsakes: Do you have that old box of your child’s clothes sitting in the attic? Are you constantly having to make more room in your home for the influx of more classwork, more art projects, more certificates, and more CLUTTER? Well enough with more, more, more and welcome to your life… Amanda Clark!

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I take listeners on a step-by-step journey on organizing their children's artwork, schoolwork and keepsakes. 

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Expert Webinar Series

Kid's Organization: Organizing Children's Keepsakes 

In this session we're digging into methods for sorting through children's artwork, deciding what to keep and how to organize it beautifully.

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This Parade article has some of my tips for

fridge organization

Amanda Clark, owner of Ever So Organized is all about an immediate wash and chop:

32. At least once a month, check those expiration dates and toss what you can. Expired food often takes up valuable shelf space.

33. Use clear, acrylic containers to separate foods by category. Kids, snacks, prepped meals, leftovers, etc. Label these containers to help members of the household keep to the system.

34. Wash and chop fruits and vegetables right way. To avoid spoiling, I use Good Grips Greensaver Produce Keeper from OXO with my clients. They keep produce fresher longer and the baskets can also be used as colanders. You and your family members are more likely to grab for these healthy options if the prep is already done.

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Please check out this great article on things to do when you are stuck at home. #5 is my favorite :), but there are 16 more additional tips and projects to inspire you.

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Realtor.com asked professional organizers what is the weirdest thing you've cleaned while quarantining... I mention coffee mugs and the email inbox and I urge you all to do the same. See the article for all the tips. 

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“Words of gratitude are the best gift you could possibly give her - whether it’s an elementary school aged son thanking his mom for making the best lunches ever or a grown daughter sharing all the ways her mom has influenced her own motherhood—these sentiments will mean the most to Mom,” Clark says. “My husband made a sweet video of my toddlers telling me why they thought I was a great mom and it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received,” she says. “Mom will find herself revisiting these cards, letters and videos over and over again year after year.”

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Amanda Clark, owner of Ever So Organized, agrees, and says you should be downright ruthless when deciding what’s going to be in your bedroom. “This is a place to rest and recharge your body and mind after a long day, so it certainly shouldn’t cause you more stress,” she explains. “You especially want to keep bedside tables clear of any non-essentials, since it’s often the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning.” 

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I offered up some free options to treat Dad this Father's Day in the latest Heavy article:


Yet another idea is recreating a sporting event in the back yard. “It can be as simple as playing catch or a game of tag, or as intense as a competitive cannonball competition,” Clark says. She recommends using your phone to film the action, while serving as the play-by-play announcer.  “If possible, mirror the video later on your TV and let Dad enjoy his favorite beverage and appetizer while he watches the highlight reel.” 

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Benjamin Franklin — 'For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.'

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