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Label Like A Pro

Label Like A Pro

Professional organizers have go-to labeling tools we love to use with clients. Here's your chance to use those same tools of the trade.

Why Label?

You've spent all afternoon rearranging and organizing the hall closet. You've refolded the towels, consolidated the children's medicine and dusted that InstaPot box because you are sure you are going to use it soon. Later, your husband goes to look for something and complains that he can't find anything. It was "controlled chaos," he says. (You roll your eyes). The next day you look in the closet and find the extra toothpaste thrown into the same bin as the neatly coiled iPhone cords. Why even bother if someone else is just going to undo your hard work? You can give up. . . or. . .you can label.

“Labeling helps everyone in your home find what they need and put it back where it belongs.”

If you label the containers or the shelves you've just organized, it is much more likely that you and others will be able to find what you're looking for. Things are more likely to be put back in the correct place as well. Imagine—your mother-in-law can easily find those towels labeled "Guest Towels." You can grab that thermometer when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night with a fever in the bin labeled "Kids' Meds." Your husband will know where to put back the iPhone cords. Although, let's be honest, they may not be as neatly coiled as you had them. Remember—we aren't looking for perfection, just organization.

What to Label

Contain items into bins and boxes;these will keep items from floating around. No need to run out to buy a ton of new items. Look around to see if you can repurpose some shoeboxes. Cover them with fun wrapping paper if you want something more aesthetically pleasing. 

How to Label

Don't try to put too many different items together. Simplify here. If you have a bunch of tubes of back stock toothpaste, you may be able to label this "Toothpaste." A few extra toothbrushes as well? "Oral Care" would be even better. 

What to Use

Here's the fun part! I love the look of black chalkboard labels. Black labels with white writing are super easy to read. Chances are you may not have these items lying around. A couple of days from now these items can be yours thanks to Amazon. Full disclosure—I am an Amazon Affiliate and I may earn from qualifying purchases. You should also know that I only link to items I have personally used and loved.

I give myself a few options here. This chalkboard tape can be cut down into any size you need. This smaller washi tape is great for smaller spaces. Not interested in customizing the labels yourself? These pre-cut labels are ready to go. Now you need the right pen for your project. I use two different kids: oil based to make sure the print is staying put and water based which allows me to erase and start over. This water based pen and this oil based pen are my favorites. If you are looking for the best label maker/printer, I can't say enough good things about the Brother P-Touch Cube. It's compact and links to your phone. This makes creating and saving labels super easy! 

This labeling process may take some time, but I promise that it will pay off!

Share Your Work!

I would love to see your labels! Share them with my on my Instagram page @eversoorganized

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