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Never Forget To Use Your Gift Cards Again

It’s date night and you have treated yourselves to dinner out, a movie and topped it off with a frozen yogurt. Two days later you come across your gift cards in a drawer-movie passes, a gift card to that new restaurant you wanted to try... and of course, a certificate for a free frozen yogurt. We’ve all kicked ourselves for forgetting to use those gift cards when we had the chance and often they continue to go unused.

I recently helped a client to declutter her gift cards and there were hundreds of dollars worth of cards that she had to throw away. Some where mom-and-pop places with a expiration date and even some places that have gone out of business. Don’t let this be you!

Don’t let those gift cards go to waste in 4 steps...

Step 1. Put the cards together in a bag. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Even a Ziploc will do.

Step 2. Leave that bag of cards in your car. Maybe the glove box or center console. Of course you may end up taking a different car out for date night, but I would rather you have it in the car you run your errands in because you are still more likely to use it that way.

Use the Reminder app to alert you once you arrive at the location where you can use the gift card

Step 3. Using your Reminders app on your iPhone take a few minutes to type out a list of gift cards you have. (There are plenty of equivalent apps for an Android as well. I’m more familiar with iPhones so I’m going to focus on the Reminders app specifically.) Click on the “i” and toggle the switch to “remind me at a location.” Search “Target” (or whatever card you want to use) and it will find local addresses of the closest Targets to you.

When you drive to that location your iPhone will give you a notification to remind you to use your gift card. You grab it from your stash and enjoy!

Some gift cards can be uploaded to an app right away. Scan your Amazon gift card or Starbucks as soon as you get it so you can use it for your very next purchase.

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