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My secret weapon to get my kids to clean up their toys- Revealed!

You've asked your kids 5 times to clean up the living room, their bedroom, the playroom. No luck. You know they can do it. You've decluttered unnecessary toys (thanks to being inspired by my Instagram Ever So Organized). You've got bins and baskets set up so they can throw toys in them without too much thought. Why aren't they listening to you when you are nagging? Is it time to raise your voice even louder? No. Now is the time to make clean up FUN! How do I get my 3 toddlers to clean up their toys in record time? It's simple- I get out the phone and use the time-lapse feature.

“Now is the time to make clean up FUN!"

Here is how I use this magical tool. I tell the kids I'm going to film them cleaning up. My kids have done this before, so they know what to expect. You may want to share my video with your kids to get them excited. I tell them they have to clean up EVERYTHING in the room. If something belongs in another room they will need to put those things away as well. They aren't allowed to shove everything in a closet or on top of a shelf. I sit nearby to get a good wide shot and lean my phone on a counter or even my knee. The video looks great if you don't move too much, but that really isn't important. The kids are ready to go at this point, but I tell them I need to count down. This just gets them even more excited. 3-2-1-Go! They get to work quickly and I remind them to put certain items with like items. For example, all the Magnatiles go in the same box. Sometimes they've missed a couple items under the couch, so I'm coaching them along (all while sitting on my behind). The kids put their hands up in the air when they finish like the end of a reality show challenge. Now comes the fun part. The kids get to watch the video of them cleaning up at lightening speed. Even if the clean up took 10 minutes (it won't because they move as quick as they can), the video is short and SWEET!

“The whole family will want to watch over and over. Promise"

I hope this mom hack helps your kiddos as well as it's helped mine. Who knows, maybe you can set up a video for your partner to entice them to clean the garage. It works for grown-ups as well :)

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