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How I Simplified My Daily Skin Routine

I've finally figured out a way to simplify my morning and evening skin care routines while staying organized. As a professional organizer, I've tried different dividers and separators for my many lotions, creams and makeup. It was hard to keep it all neat if I were ever rushing through my morning (which was most of the time). If I misplaced my mascara from the previous day I would waste time the next day searching for it.

Enter: caddies!

These clear little caddies have allowed me to separate my morning routine products from my evening routine products. They are clear, so nothing ever gets lost. I label each caddie so I don't even need to think about which one to grab. I find that it's almost impossible to make a disorganized mess of my makeup or creams. As long as I throw it back in the caddy, it will be easy to find the next time.

If you don't have a deep drawer like I do, you should be able to put your caddies under the sink (some rearranging may be necessary, but totally worth it).

I separated everything into 5 categories:

1. morning

2. evening

3. makeup (for more of big night out)

4. backstock (extra lotions, makeup remover, sunscreen)

5. oral care

These categories work perfectly for me. I don't like to have a ton of backstock because I feel like it's more clutter than convenient. You may need to try a variety of categories that work best for you. Don't try to squeeze in too many items. This is meant to go from overwhelming to do-able. If you don't use something daily or weekly- move it to backstock or another drawer altogether.

I love that I can now take a quick glance to see if I've used everything. No more accidentally forgetting the deodorant or skipping mascara. It even reminds me to use that eye cream that somehow continued to be pushed to the back of the drawer. Want to take it up a notch? If you use the same item for morning and evening (I don't, but maybe you use lip balm all day, everyday) go ahead and invest in a second. This way the product will stay in it's correct caddy without you having to go searching.

Ready to get your routine organized? Here are the exact caddies I used. I think they are a great size, but you can see links to a couple other alternatives I've found here. Just so you know, I do earn from qualifying purchases with Amazon as an affiliate.

I would love to hear from you if you decide to try this method. DM me on Instagram @eversoorganized or FaceBook Ever So Organized. I've used these caddies for a couple months now, but I loved it on day 1.